Furious 7

Director James Wan Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Lucas Black

The first portion is an entire sequence, a new trend in cinema trailers. You get cars dropping from airplanes with parachutes, and everybody has their own make and model that reflects on the driver. Then there’s a bus with mounted guns, stunts and crashes, and a death-defying Paul Walker leap of faith. Everything about this screams The Fast & The Furious.

Get ready for gear shifts, pedals to floors, serious driving faces, fast cars and faster women, synchronised car driving, and Dwayne Johnson with a mini-gun. But the thing I’m looking forward to the most is how they’re going to move on without Paul Walker.

It’s amazing that these insanely unrealistic car chase movies have yet to get old. It could have easily died a quick death but they managed to reinvent it into something a lot more distinct, and now you can pick an F&F movie a quarter mile away.

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The Gunman

Director Pierre Morel Starring Sean Penn, Idris Elba, Ray Wintstone, Mark Rylance, Javier Bardem

Taken director Pierre Morel returns and the Liam Neeson resurgence continues with Taken 4… Wait, what? It’s not… … sure does look like it…

Sean Penn is woken up by his lover in Jasmine Trinca to remind him he’s meant to be at work. What that work is he is yet to tell her, but she’s going to find out before the film is through. He laments the damage his field of expertise has caused, in between shots of him causing more damage, and things have obviously gone bad as the company he works for is now cleaning house.

Now this unstoppable, middle-aged killing machine who wants out, and when he can’t get that he tries to blackmail his way out. Javier Bardem wants him to stay, but when he can’t get that he kidnaps Jasmine, setting the wheels in motion for Sean to cause a lot more damage.

Ever had deja vu? I’m being a bit harsh as it does look like a pretty cool movie, and I’ve always wanted to see Sean Penn get down and dirty. The trailer has fallen into the trap of revealing too much plot, and you all know I like going in fresh, but I can see this has some potential.

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It Follows

Director David Robert Mitchell Starring Maike Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe

Ever get the feeling you’re being followed? Maika Monroe is just your average girl who daydreams in her pool and wants to be swept off her feet by the hunk from high school, which just so happens. But after a steamy encounter in the back seat of his car he leaves her with something she can’t get rid of. Nope, it’s nothing like that, it’s something much worse, and now Maika is literally tied to her fate, first in a wheelchair, then in a hospital bed, with no means of escape. Her friends rush to her aid as she lays on the front lawn, but can they save her in time?

Maika is an absolute wreck as time ticks away, the score assuming the role of a clock. She’s looking over her shoulder, looking in rear-view mirrors and even on house roofs, and everywhere she goes she’s spying this entity following her. In her efforts to avoid her fate she’s either going to make it out alive or drive straight into a corn field.

The trailer is nothing special, in fact it’s average, but this film actually looks quite good, so I’m going easy on it with my rating. I looks like a cross between The Ring and Terminator with a supernatural being that will pursue incessantly unless you pass it on to somebody else, combing a psychological thriller and a straight-up horror flick, complete with an incredibly old-school and authentic sounding score. That’s amazing for horro these days, and by all accounts it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

6 of 10


Director Deon Taylor Starring Joe Anderson, Dawn Olivieri, Evan Ross, Anson Mount, Danny Glover

A director I personally have never heard of, directing a cast of whom I only know one, and by the look of it they all seem to have done spectacular jobs.

Joe Anderson is a man of strong beliefs, but ambiguous morals. After strapping on his jackboots he walks out of prison supposedly a free man, and for a brief moment enjoys the breeze on his face. By nightfall a policeman is dead and he and Dawn Olivieri are on the run, taking refuge in an African American household, not exactly Joe’s favourite race.

Danny Glover mentions Joe has nowhere to go, he’s trapped, and he is in more ways than one. Even a call to an Aryan brother can’t help Joe and Dawn out of this impossible situation as their options run out and Joe struggles more and more with every decision he has to make. Cracks start to appear between him and Dawn, who is a mess and getting worse as time goes by. Danny stands against him in a non-violent protest, but Joe proudly displays the Nazi tattoo’s across his chest, unable to think outside that very limited box. He was never a free man to begin with.

Again, the trailer is par for the course, but the movie looks brilliant, definitely up my alley. By all reports Danny Glover is a standout but it seems to me there should be a fair few good showings in this one.

6 of 10

Terminator: Genisys

Director Alan Taylor Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Matt Smith, Lee-Byung Hun

Spell check? The Terminator franchise pushes forward, or won’t die depending on who you speak to, with its fifth instalment that has fans either going out of their heads with anticipation or lament.

In the distant future the human resistance is on its last legs, and due to the actions of Skynet the only option, which Jason Clarke tells us cannot fail, is to stop judgement day before it even occurs. After four films in thirty-one years we are at that point in history where the events of the 1984 classic begin. However, when Jai Courtney takes the one-way ticket to the past he discovers that not only has 1984 somehow updated its act by thirty years but Emilia Clarke is the last person who needs rescuing thanks to a familiar robot. Now it’s up to crazy stunts and endless gun-fighting to save the day while they’re all being hunted by a reminiscently familiar liquid robot. Looks fairly straight forward.

But it’s just that – it’s far too straight forward, falling into that trap of revealing the entire plot in the space of two minutes. This will be a cool film regardless of whether it’s received well by fans and critics, but now I can pretty much predict where it’s going to go. It does leave some mystery with the altered past, but other than that the only reason to attend is to see the crazy fight scenes, which look to make up a vast amount of screen time. Once they were delicacy, now they’re a dime a dozen.

4 of 10