Firstly, What’s Coming From The Movie Review Dude? Apparently it is the season for killer movies in my neighbourhood, and I’ve got one tight January schedule lined up. The Imitation Game is currently screening, so expect a review around the 8th. After that I’ve got a triple hitter for you guys; reviews for Birdman on the 17th, American Sniper around the 24th and The Theory Of Everything near the 31st. In between all this I may just try and squeeze a Cinema Rewind in somewhere but I wouldn’t hold my breath, and my usual Film Trailer Reviews will be pushed back to early February to accommodate for these movies and my next announcement. Now, the news I have been waiting for. Ever since I started this blog all those… months… ago I’ve been clawing closer and closer to a personal dream of mine, a dream that will soon become reality. The timing could be way off but regardless I’m going to announce the 1st Ever Annual Movie Dude Awards! *Pause for ovation*. I’m still in the early stages of organisation, and with my schedule taking up most of my time the list of categories and nominees won’t be released until February, but I’m hoping to have my first “ceremony” in late Feb / early March. Stay tuned for more! Secondly, What’s Coming To A Theatre Near You?

It ends here on January 9th. Probably for the best, too. After a two-year on again, off again relationship with the film Liam Neeson agreed to reprise his role as Bryan Mills in Taken 3 with the stipulation that nobody in the film is taken, hence the title makes no sense. The first was great, the second was a whole lot of meh, so can he and writer Luc Beeson pull off the finale? According to early reviews all signs point to yes and no so your guess is as good as mine.
The third collaboration between Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany has us all on the edge of our seats after the almighty brilliance’s that were The Tourist and Transcendence. But maybe they can break their duck with Mortdecai on January 23rd and create a film people want to see, and hopefully Depp get his acting chops back.
According to director Gary Lydstrom George Lucas really wanted to do Strange Magic, coming on the 23rd, but then again he really wanted to do the Star Wars prequels. However, when you have a track record like George Lucas you tend to get the green light on these things, regardless of whether or not it looks like a whole lot of CGI and not much else that required the combined efforts of Touchstone Pictures, LucasFilm, and Disney Studios.
Can Jennifer Lopez use The Boy Next Door to join the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock on the list of actors who use one role to surprisingly show they can act? I personally wouldn’t bet on it but if the trailer is anything to go by this psychological thriller from Rob Cohen should be one to check out on the 23rd. Other films you may want to check out through the month include Chris Hemsworth in the cyber-crime thriller Blackhat (16th), the sci-fi adventure film Project Alamanac (30th), and Jason Statham’s Wild Card (30th). Thirdly… Anything Else? Sure. It’s awards season folks, one of my favourite season’s of the year (for me there are five season’s), and we’ve got a pretty good ball to get things rolling with the 72nd Golden Globe Awards brought to you by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the third consecutive year. Birdman leads all comers with seven nominations, followed by Boyhood and The Imitation Game with five apiece, with a line-up of Boyhood, Foxcatcher, The Imitation Game, Selma, The Theory Of Everything, and Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Into The Woods, Pride, and St. Vincent all vying for Best Picture in Drama and Musical/Comedy. The ceremony will air live on NBC January 15th from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, unfortunately it’s still not a big enough deal to be broadcast where I’m from. Apart from a few additions it’s almost the exact same line-up for the 20th Critics Choice Awards, also taking place on January 15th from the Hollywood Paladium. Their categories are much more broad with achievement in action and science fiction genres getting their own categories, and again Birdman leads the way with thirteen nominations. If that’s not enough, on January 24th there’s also the 26th Annual Producers Guild Awards, from the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A, which focuses on production rather than performance, and a day later it’s the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards, to be broadcast on both TNT and TBS, which along with the Golden Globes splits focus between film and television. That’s it for the month, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year, and I will be back within the next few days with my first ever Month In Review for December, and then it’s the tale of Alan Turing and Oscar race leader Benedict Cumberpatch in The Imitation Game around the 8th. Happy new year to all!