Apologies for not coming through with my review of Birdman ( I can promise it’s coming but I really should stop committing to dates for these things), but expect that review in the next couple of days. In the meantime I feel I owe you guys something, so here it is.

In case you haven’t heard the news, or more than likely don’t care, I’m hosting my own awards ceremony. The 1st Ever Annual Movie Dude Awards will hopefully take place in the next month or so, I’m not naming a date as I obviously have an issue with commitment, but in order to keep you interested I need to offer some sort of teaser. What better way than to announce the categories?

There are twenty-seven awards (with maybe even more to come) that hopefully reflect on my efforts to include everybody in every aspect of film-making. Each category features as many nominees as I feel are deserving of such a prestigious accolade (Que laughter), which I will announce once I’ve decided who’s in and who’s out. I’m not going to lie about having seen every single one but hopefully my research reflects on my efforts to include the most deserving.

Best Of The Genres

Rather than go the usual route with categories I’ve made the best effort to do things my own way. I’ve always found the biggest of film awards to be lacking in genre diversity, and sure, some genres don’t have as great a track record as others but they’re worthy of some recognition. So I’ve compiled a list of what I feel are the biggest genres at the moment and given them their own separate categories to honour their best films. It’s not a comprehensive list, but I feel it covers a nice range.

Best Ever Action Film

Best Ever Adventure Film

Best Ever Animated Film

Best Ever Biopic

Best Ever Comedy

Best Ever Documentary

Best Ever Drama

Best Ever Fantasy Film

Best Ever Horror Film

Best Ever Musical

Best Ever Science-Fiction Film

Best Ever Thriller

Best Performances

The same goes for awards in performance. At the beginning of any year you can pick which films are shoe-ins for Oscars and Golden Globes, and what do you know the cast’s from those films are always the first picked for acting awards. Rather than go the easy route I’ve tried to include performers who normally wouldn’t get a look-in, and rather than trying to lump everyone into one gender-specific award based on a starring or supporting role I’ve got a cast award in there as well as awards for performances from young talent.

Best Ever Cast

Best Ever Actor

Best Ever Actress

Best Ever Supporting Actor

Best Ever Supporting Actress

Behind The Scenes

For production behind the camera I could have made a long list of every job that comes with making a film, even the intern who gets coffee, but believe it or not I’m not all that knowledgeable when it comes to these roles so I went the simple route, focussing on roles that contribute to the final product and team efforts that require a lot of work. The only individuals I’m really taking note of here are what are considered to be the most important of the most important.

Best Ever Art Direction

Best Ever Costume Design & Make-Up

Best Ever Visual Effects

Best Ever Cinematography & Editing

Best Ever Director

Best Ever Screenplay

Best Ever Score

Best Ever Song

Best Ever Sound Mixing & Editing

The Best Of The Best

And finally we have the granddaddy of them all. No awards ceremony is complete without one single award that outstrips all others in terms of importance, and of course I had to spend hours painstakingly determining which ten out of god-knows how many should be nominated, so I’m praying I got it right because I sure as hell am not going to amend it.

Best Ever Film

So that’s that! I’ve done my best and put in a fair bit of effort to compile this list, and that’s not even the hard part as I’m now tasked with filling them with worthy winners. As for how I’m going to format this I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’ll think of something, then I’ll name a date and probably miss it. In the meantime I’ve got my review of Birdman due in the next couple of days, so for now it’s simply on with the show. Enjoy!