This is it; the best ever of best ever’s. I struggled immensely with this, going through many variations sometimes with as much as twenty films making the cut but I’ve narrowed it down to twelve and though I consider that number too high I believe they have all shown qualities that make them a standard above the rest. Even after I began writing this I amended my original choice, and looking at them now I’m second-guessing myself, wondering if those last few that just missed out were just as worthy.

As to my choosing of these twelve films I searched and found something within them that made them more than just everyday great films; they were special with a particular uniqueness to them that made them shine. Whether it be the way their story is told, how they convey emotion or how they’ve been created they all possess that little touch of magic that makes their selection warranted and worthy of being labelled ‘Best Ever’.

The Best Ever Film of 2014




Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes



The Lego Movie


The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya




That’s it, I hope I’ve done you all proud. I will announce the date of the ceremony tomorrow, just be on the lookout for a change in advertisement here and on Twitter and you’ll know when it’s all taking place. Later down the track I intend to write another Movie Dude Musing around my experiences of bringing all of this together with a comparison to my first Musing. You may be a little surprised when you read what I have to say. Between now and the ceremony I’ve still got a review for Avengers: Age Of Ultron which will hopefully be here tomorrow as well as a couple of trailer reviews. Until then stay tuned and enjoy!