Best Ever Production Award

That’s the Movie Dude Production Award, and one everybody will be dropping their Oscar’s in the bin in order to make room on the mantle piece for one of these babies. For now it’s just a picture on my blog but hey, it’s a pretty good-looking picture. Who knows, play your cards right and maybe one day down the track it’ll be you who holds it aloft.

So here we are, day two. I’ve got my winners list in order but let’s be honest it hasn’t been a smooth road to this day. I promised to deliver on this date and I intend to keep that promise but to get here I’ve had to make some compromises, and while I tried my hardest to provide write-ups for each winner I realised I was rehashing everything I’d said when I nominated them. So rather than waste time and break promises trying to come up with something I’ve just decided to post the winners but I have included some music and in one case a making-of feature. This is day two of the 1st Ever Annual Movie Dude Awards!


Best Ever Art Direction

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Ever Cinematography & Editing


Best Ever Costume Design & Make-Up

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Ever Screenplay

The Imitation Game

Best Ever Score

Best Ever Song

Best Ever Visual Effects


You know what’s amazing? I spent months bringing this all together but the end result has taken only a couple of hours of three days to orchestrate! It kind of seems unfair to be honest, but still I’m very much enjoying this and I you all are too. There may not be a lot of you but I appreciate anyone who comes on here and takes a moment to check in on my self-indulgence, so thank you.

It’s a triumphant moment but it’s also a bittersweet one because tomorrow it all comes to a close. There are only eight more awards to hand out over three categories and I can promise I’ll be doing write-ups for all of them, after which I’ll be writing another Movie Dude Musing reflecting on my spent putting all this together. You may say it’s just me hyping myself up but that’ll be one you don’t want to miss reading! Until tomorrow stay tuned and enjoy!