Best Ever Production Award

You know the drill. You’re not mistaken, that is the Movie Dude Production Award. I know I’ve highlighted the director’s role in film-making by giving the winner their own blog post but I still consider the category to be apart of the film production family, just a very important part of the family.


Best Ever Director

Richard Linklater

A director’s job is a labour of love. If you’re in it for the money and the glory you’re in it for all the wrong reasons. It’s a commitment to your craft, with each production being a representation. Every time a director sits behind that camera and shouts action they put their reputation on the line. If the film fails it’s their neck stuck right out and for film critics that axe is always the first port of call.

In making Boyhood Richard Linklater willingly placed his head on the chopping block. It’s the risk any director takes but when you make a film over twelve years just for that authentic feel you’re inviting the kind of scrutiny that can ruin a career. But Linklater made Boyhood regardless, because he didn’t do it to appease the critics or impress the world, it was all in the name of art. He wanted to tell the twelve-year story of a young boy and that’s what he did, and he did it so superbly in fact that many deemed it to be the greatest cinematic achievement of 2014.

Like I’ve mentioned before Boyhood manages to capture this intimacy and is quite a reflective, emotive experience. Linklater captured all that and more over twelve years, giving his film not just amazing depth but something much more lucrative: authenticity.