MVD Award

What is the Most Valuable Dude Award? In some ways I see it as the award that best represents my manner of thinking when selecting winners. It’s not your normal everyday award handed out to whoever was deemed to be the “best” in their field. It’s a special award given out to those who work in any capacity in the industry and have achieved excellence in their field in a very particular way. It can be for anything; acting, composing, visual effects, directing or hell, making a lot of money. Now that you know, Jay (, you’re on.


The 2014 Most Valuable Dude Award


Alexandre Desplat was a busy composer in 2014. He produced music for no less than five films, but it’s not the number but the quality of his compositions. For films such as Godzilla, Monuments Men and Unbroken the scores produced were reflective of the time, and helped build atmosphere while creating tension. But it was his work on both The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game that really stood strong. It’s impressive when a composer produces a world-class award winning score but to produce two in a single year and have both nominated for an Oscar (and a Movie Dude Award) is just what the 2014 MVD is made for.