What’s Coming From The Movie Review Dude?

After the hard slog that was the Movie Dude Awards I’m finally getting back to what this blog is supposed to be about, and thanks to my cinema I’ve got four film reviews lined up in May. On May 7th I’ll be seeing Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, and I am aware that it’s well past release date but I’m actually a huge Nirvana fan and this will be two firsts for me as I’m yet to review a documentary and I’ve never seen a documentary in cinema.

One week later it’s time to hit the road with Mad Max: Fury Road. It doesn’t look all that good but I’m very intrigued so I’m avoiding the reviews and risking it. Another seven days later I’ll hopefully be enjoying my first Melissa McCarthy comedy experience with Spy, and at the end of the month I’ve got a conundrum; Tomorrowland or San Andreas? I’m more interested in the former than the later but they both warrant my money.

The best thing about these films is Fury Road and San Andreas will both be world premieres, Tomorrowland will be only a week into release, and I’ll be seeing Spy fifteen days before its June 5th release! So if you want to get in early on reviews then I’ve got your back.

On top of that I’ve got a backlog of trailer reviews from March that I just couldn’t get around to last month so I’ll be posting these early on. Straight afterwards I’ll have to get onto my trailer reviews for April, so it’s all films and trailers, and is that not what a film critic does?

Oh, and ages ago I promised a batch of Quick Flicks that involved a certain film trilogy. Thankfully everybody, including me, forgot about that, so I’ll also be bringing those in May. The best part is that in the later-half of the month I’ll have all these excess space to fill up, and if my studies don’t get in the way expect the long-awaited return of both the Cinema Rewind and the Series Special!

What’s Coming To A Theatre Near You?

It’s actually a stacked month for film choices, a little something for everybody. Yesterday (or today, wherever you may be) saw the releases of the adaption of the 1874 Thomas Hardy novel Far From The Madding Crowd, the Kristen Wiig comedy Welcome To Me, which looks interesting, and the Hindi action film Gabbar Is Back. All of these have received great reviews so it sounds like you’ve got something good no matter where you look.

On May 8th we’ve got the Reese Witherspoon / Sofia Vergara action comedy Hot Pursuit as well as the intriguing Maggie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It looks as though he’s actually going to attempt some acting so I’ll get out to see that one if it ever comes my way.

May 14th brings us the aforementioned Mad Max: Fury Road, a cool little side-note is this was filmed in Broken Hill, New South Wales, the same place as Mad Max 2. A day later the pitch is back with Pitch Perfect 2, and while it looks more of less like the first film it should still be good watching.

Joining Tomorrowland on May 22nd we’ve got a 3D animated film coming out of Pakistan. 3 Bahadur (trans. ‘3 Brave’) is the story of three eleven-year-olds who set out to save their town from evil. But if a kids film isn’t your thing then you might want to try Poltergeist, if you’ve got the guts…

A one-two punch rounds out May on the 29th with the promising rom-com Aloha starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. Or you can try Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas; either way you’re picking a winner.

Anything Else?

There’s this little film festival going from May 13th – 24th. You may have heard of it, apparently it’s been going for sixty-eight years. It’s called the 2015 Cannes Film Festival or something, I don’t know…

The festival poster features Ingrid Berman, who served as Jury President in 1973

Joel and Ethan Coen will be Presidents of the Jury, the first time in festival history there’s been more than one, while familiar faces like Sophie Merceau, Sienne Miller, Guillermo del Toro and Jake Gyllenhaal will be joining them for jury duty.

Emmanuelle Bercot will be only the second female director to open the ceremony with her film Standing Tall, a film about the Charlie Hedbo shootings, and Luc Jacquet’s Ice And The Sky has been announced as the closing film. The last female director to open Cannes was Diane Kurys with A Man In Love.

Nineteen films will be screened in competition. Another nineteen will be screened Un Certain Regard, a section of the festival that showcases experimental film and young talent. French actor Lambert Wilson will be acting as host for the opening a closing ceremonies.


I’ll be back tomorrow with my Month In Review for April, and by tomorrow I mean whenever I actually get around to it. After that it’s trailers, trailers and more trailers and if there’s time before the 8th I’ll sneak in those Quick Flicks you’ve heard so much about. Until then stay tuned and enjoy!