What Happened With The Movie Review Dude?

You mean to tell me you don’t know? Well, just in case you missed it the world’s premiere film non-event took place at the end of April: The 1st Ever Movie Dude Awards!

Seventy-one films were nominated over twenty-seven categories with The Grand Budapest Hotel leading the way with twelve nominations, picking up three wins including Best Ever Art Direction, Best Ever Costume Design & Make-Up, and Best Ever Comedy. Composer Alexandre Desplat picked up the 2014 Most Valuable Dude Award for his work on Grand Budapest Hotel as well as two other films. But it was Boyhood that owned the ceremony, taking home four wins, one of which was the ultimate prize of 2014’s Best Ever Film. It also managed Best Ever Director for Richard Linklater, Best Ever Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette and Best Ever Drama.

If I didn’t already spoil it for you there’s some reading to be done if you want to click on the links and check out the ceremony from start to finish. Start with the nominations here (Genre Nominations 1/2), here (Genre Nominations 2/2), here (Production Nominations), here (Performance Nominations), here (The 2014 Most Valuable Dude Award), here (Best Ever Director) and here (Best Ever Film).

Once you’ve seen all the nominees check out the winners for genre, production, performance, as well as Best Ever Directorthe MVD Award and Best Ever Film.

Meanwhile I managed to bookend the month of April with two rather high-profile film reviews. On the 2nd I went to see Furious 7, the review for which can be read here, while on the 22nd I got in an early review of Avengers: Age Of Ultron here. Both yielded different results but they were interesting nonetheless. Underneath all of this was a round of Quick Flicks to be found so check them out too.

What Happened In The World Of Cinema?

There some interesting numbers in April, both financially and critically, with some low budget films making a lot of noise while some high profile flicks didn’t do so well.

The month started off with mixed reviews for Helen Mirren’s Woman In Gold and the western-thriller Broken Horses, though both have reportedly fared well at the box office. The romantic drama The Longest Ride, starring Scott “Son of Clint” Eastwood didn’t do so well with critics or film-goers, having barely made back its $34 million dollar budget. Meanwhile the British/Irish film Candlestick, information on which is scarce, has received positive reviews across the board.

The first big number to flop was actually a very surprising one. A film starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and Gary Oldman should be quite good but Child 44 is apparently poison to critics and has sunk quickly at the box office, making only $3.3 million from a budget of $50 million. Eerily similar is the Jonah Hill-James Franco film True Story, which has not lived up to the hype and is reportedly slow to make back its budget. Meanwhile Disney has continued its winning streak with its eighth Disneynature film Monkey Kingdom, which has garnered critical acclaim.

A trio of films have varied in performance. Little Boy has sunk at the box office, Age Of Adeline is chugging along just fine and the indie horror film Unfriended has done well with critics and has easily made back its $1 million dollar budget.

Of course Avengers: Age Of Ultron has done amazing numbers, shooting up the rankings to already become the second-highest grossing film of the year with $626.7 million earned. That top spot, however, belongs to the billion-dollar juggernaut Furious 7. At last inspection it was settling in as the fourth highest-grossing film of all time with a gross of $1,428,539,000, but it could very well sneak into third place sooner rather than later.

But I have to give the spotlight to Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 for all the right and wrong reasons. Despite being such a critical disaster that, until recently, was sitting on a painful 0% on Rotten Tomatoes it has still managed to make a tidy $75.4 million from $30 million. I can only ask why and warn you that giving these people money will only encourage them further.

And Now The Best Part: Unsubstantiated Gossip!

I actually have an announcement to make. For a while I’ve been trying to get around essentially delivering news and the like sometimes four weeks after the story I’m reporting has already dropped. Then the incredibly obvious answer slapped me in the face: Twitter! I’ve decided to make the most of my increased presence on Twitter by moving all my unsubstantiated gossip to my Twitter account (which can be found here, and here, and also here) so that I can deliver it in a more timely fashion and it can be more easily accessed by those who have nothing better to do. So from hereon all your biased Hollywood news can be found on Twitter (a link for which is here… and here).


That’s it from me for another Month In Review. Coming next are those Trailer Reviews I keep promising and never delivering on. If you were all my children I’d be the biggest dead-beat father. Oh well, stay tuned and enjoy!

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