I never thought I’d end up singing.

I’m not a girl trying to be a star, trying to be anything other than a musician.

‘How big do you think you’re going to be?’ – I don’t.

I don’t think I could handle it, I would probably go mad.

‘Is it hard to know who you can trust?’ – Yeah.

A very tragic preview of a very tragic life. Definitely one to watch.

MRD 9 of 10

An incredibly powerful opening monologue with an epic score that asks humanity how it can make this world a better place. It is let down by a second half that looks to be conveying some kind of young adult robot apocalypse love story.

Apparently this a small-budget film, which is amazing considering how good this looks. Though the actual film itself looks like one big cliché with questionable performances the trailer is still a decent sell.

MRD 7 of 10

The people of this new-found universe aren’t too keen on the idea of a superhero in their midst, and this world simply ain’t big enough for two of them. Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) is pretty much the instigator while Ben Affleck gets to show off his entire acting range in ten seconds. Regardless of their motives they’re going to duke it out, and their fight is going to be the catalyst of that DC Universe. And though it may not be the strongest trailer this potential to become something bigger and greater is where it gets its hype.

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Whitey Bulger (Johnny Depp) has interesting screening methods for potential criminal partners. All he wants to know is the family secret to a great steak, and he gets the answer he’s looking for easily. A little too easily for his liking. A conversation over dinner soon turns sour, as the trailer demonstrates Whitey is not a man to be taken lightly. If this dinner host can give up the recipe to a good steak without pressure then what else is he willing to roll over on?

Then Whitey cracks up, it’s all just a big joke to him. Or is it?

Johnny Depp looks at once both joyous and terrifying, a really good scene from him. Is this the return to form that we’ve all been waiting for?

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Pandas, llamas, apes, leopards and so much are just a touch of some of the natural wonders of China. We think we’ve seen all there is to see on this planet but despite nine Disneynature films we’re still just scratching the surface of the world around us. Nature will forever continue to surprise.

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After a seven year prison stretch for a horrifying crime lightening strikes twice and the original perpetrators (Dakota Fanning and Danielle MacDonald) are at the top of the list of suspects. But despite how obvious it looks Nancy Porter (Elizabeth Banks) just has a hunch that it’s not as open and shut as it appears to be. Of course everywhere she turns she’s going to find uncooperative parents and dead-ends, but then again this isn’t meant to be easy.

It looks like a decent enough film with an interesting premise, if not a bit a standard, but apart from the shock value of that premise there’s nothing that really pops out.

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Atmospheric is one succinct way to sum up this trailer. A whole lot of tension that’s abruptly cut and a jump scare. The atmosphere, tension and the single scare are all used superbly and are quite effective in their delivery.

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The fact that a film concept about coprophilia made it to a third instalment is both an amazement and an indictment. The fact it looks so incredibly stupid makes it all the more embarrassing. And yet here we are, looking at this idiotic load of… … garbage. See what I did there?

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This is my first real look at a kung fu film, so I’m not quite sure what works and what doesn’t, while the subtitles don’t help my efforts. I am impressed by the martial artistry demonstrated but it doesn’t look to be reinventing the wheel in any manner. My impression is it may very well be a good film, but there are better films out there.

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Studio Ghibli possesses this flavour of cinema that separates it from all others, Anime included. They have an amazing track record and their hot streak looks like it’ll continue with When Marnie Was There. The song is marvellous in emotionally charging this preview for what looks to be an incredibly touching and moving film.

MRD 8 of 10