What’s Coming From The Movie Review Dude?

Did anyone say film reviews? I did, and that’s what I’m bringing this month. I’ve got five – that’s right – five films lined up in June, which is the most I’ve had thus far.

On June 4th I’ll be one of few getting my first experience of Entourage in the form of the feature film. Yes, I didn’t watch the series so yes I’m only going because it’s a high profile release but hey, you never know, I may just enjoy myself enough to convert.

1993’s Jurassic Park is one hell of a film. The animatronics department really earned their keep on that one. Much like Entourage on June 11th I’ll be experiencing the dinosaur theme park for the first time ever with Billy & The Clonosaurus Jurassic World. I’m not going into Entourage with the belief I’ll be swayed but my expectations are kind of high on this one, probably due to the long intermission between instalments.

My first attempt at expressing my inner child with a trip to the cinema didn’t go so well. I wouldn’t take it back because I think that last time I saw a kids flick at the cinema was around the late-90s, but I would have preferred a decent film to the one that was presented. I’m giving it not one but two shots in June with Minions (June 16th) and Inside Out (June 18th). Now, I’m not promising both, though I do want to see each one, but if I must choose I’ll say… … I don’t know yet, I’ll pick later…

Then, for a total change of pace, I’m finishing off the month by reverting back to my comfort zone with Ted 2 (June 25th). To a certain extent I am a fan of Family Guy so it’s no surprised the first film resonated with my adolescent low-brow funny bone. This one is a no-brainer for me.

What’s Coming To A Theatre Near You?

Entourage hits screens on June 3rd. Two days after that there’s a triple-header of horror, drama and comedy. Insideous: Chapter 3, the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy and the already-reviewed by yours truly (which can be found here) Spy all drop on June 5th.

There’s a seven day break between proceedings before you, me and everybody else take a tour of Jurassic World on June 12th. They’ve given that one plenty of room because they know Dope and Inside Out will both be buried if they go head-to-head with it. They reach screens on June 19th.

We finish off the month on June 25th  with everybody’s favourite walking, talking stuffed bear (Mark Walhberg) in Ted 2 and an adventure film about a dog called Max, which, coincidentally, is called Max.

Anything Else?

June ends with a bit of a bang on the 25th with the 41st Saturn Awards out of Burbank, California, which will celebrate the best of science fiction, fantasy and horror across film and television in 2014. With nominations announced in March Captain America: The Winter Soldier leads all comers with eleven nominations while Tom Cruise has been received a record tenth Best Actor for Edge Of Tomorrow.

The Golden Scroll has been handed out annually since 1972

So starts the month of June. My schedule has gone to crap because of my studies, which are only getting more and more hectic as the year drags on, but hopefully I’ll be able to maintain some semblance of my former self. Or I might have to adapt. Either way interesting times lay ahead, so stay tuned and enjoy!