What Happened With The Movie Review Dude?

So things have gotten back to normal around these here parts. I took myself to the cinema four times this month, a new personal best, while May really was a month of first-times for yours truly.

Apart from my usual puff pieces to keep the masses entertained I received my first nomination for the Liebster Award (thanks MovieManJackson). Then came my first ‘first’ of the month (if that makes sense) when I saw my first documentary in cinema, and reviewed a documentary for the first time with Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck. I’ve developed a taste for a good doco, so expect more to pop up in the future.

After smashing through two lots of trailer reviews (March and April) I strapped myself in for one hell of a joy ride for my first ‘Mad Max’ experience (I know, I’m behind the times) with Mad Max: Fury Road. Then, another first (see what I mean?), I reviewed my first film trilogy: Men In Black (in Quick Flick form, mind you), then followed that up with a review of Melissa McCarthy in Spy.

Unfortunately the month didn’t end as strongly as I had hoped. After going three for three in cinema outings I was bitterly disappointed that Tomorrowland couldn’t keep the streak intact, but instead of ending May on a bum note I quickly threw up another round of Quick Flicks just to keep spirits high.

What Happened In The World Of Cinema?

Three small films debuted on the first of the month, an adaption of Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel Far From The Madding Crowd, the Hindi action flick Gabbar Is Back, and Kristen Wiig being weird in Welcome To Me. All were well received and have made money at the box office.

May seemed to deliver a round of films every seven days. On the 8th came the critical and financial disaster Hot Pursuit, the Indian comedy Piku and Maggie in which an incredibly rare dramatic performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger drew praise, even if reviews for the film itself were mixed.

Though the month was a little all over the place it was seeming to deliver one way or another, but then it started to slip. 3 Bahadur, a Pakistani animated film drew a good response but a remake of Poltergeist, a literal piece of crap in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) and a rare fumble by Disney with Tomorrowland, which is really struggling to make back its $190 million budget, didn’t steady the ship.

So the month of May decided to screw it with the critics and went with Aloha, the casting controversy doing nothing for its reception and box office performance, and San Andreas, which has already made more than $100 million despite being only days old.

Still, none of these numbers compare to that of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which became just the fifth film in history to make over $900 million outside America, and yet it still hasn’t caught up with Furious 7 which is sitting pretty with more than $1.5 billion in takings so far.


So after writing this I’ve realised this needs some retooling, otherwise there really isn’t enough here that warrants a blog post. Back to the drawing board I go. Until then I’ve got trailers coming your way, a back log of Quick Flicks I need to get through, and then I’m finally going to try and fit in a Cinema Rewind (blame my studies for their absence). Until then stay tuned and enjoy!