What’s Coming From The Movie Review Dude?

Dum-dum, dum, dum-dum! I’m getting only my second Terminator-themed cinema experience in twelve years on July 1st with the critical disaster Terminator: Genisys. When I first heard of the project I considered it a worthy chance for the series to hit the reset button and pull itself back together, then I heard the title I thought all hope was lost. A little confidence was regrouped right before the premiere, and now my worst fears have been confirmed. However, there have been some conflicting reports as to the quality of Genisys, so I guess it’s up to me to cast the deciding vote, because my opinion carries such a heavy weight.

I won’t be back in a theatre seat until the 16th for Paul Rudd in Ant-Man. I’m still not sold on this one, I think it could go either way to be honest but what has me intrigued is how it fits into the overall puzzle that is the MCU. Nevertheless, because it is a comic book film I’m going to take the risk, so come what may says I.

Self/Less opens on the 23rd, and apart from viewing the trailer I’ve not taken much notice of this. But it does have an interesting plot surrounding it, and coupled with a decent looking cast (you can’t go past Ben Kingsley) this is one I’ll be gearing up for.

Lastly, but not… leastly… is the other, other Marvel superhero team, Fantastic 4. Unless you’ve been actively seeking it out this film has really flown under the radar in terms of coverage, but it’s got a good, young cast who could carry this re-imagining of the Fantastic 4 origin story. This could be one to look out for come July 30th.

What’s Coming To A Theatre Near You?

To start the month of July we’ve got two incredibly polar opposites with the long-awaited sequel Terminator: Genisys, for those of us who want action, and the extra oily Magic Mike XXL, for those of us who want “action”.

July 3rd gives us the critically acclaimed biographical documentary Amy, regarding the tragic loss of singer Amy Winehouse. If there were any chance of this being released in theatres over here (which there isn’t), I would definitely be checking this one out. It’ll be harsh but it’ll be touching.

On July 10th you’ll be seeing one of The Gallows, Minions or Self/less. Just be sure if you’re taking your children to see Minions don’t mix it up with The Gallows, because I can’t imagine them finding it all that enthralling.

Seven days after you’ve hopefully made the right decision another four films are to be released. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is an Indian drama film about a mute Pakistani woman trying to find her way in India, where she meets a true gentleman who takes on the challenge of leading her home.

But if you’re up for something that utilises your own language (unless of course you’re Indian, no disrespect) you’ll be looking at one of Ant-Man, Mr. Holmes, or Trainwreck. The latter two have both received glowing reviews, and Ant-Man is, well, a Marvel flick, so whatever, you’ll see it.

One solitary, incredibly crappy sounding film, Smosh: The Movie, comes out on July 23rd. I don’t want to influence anyone but… it sounds like utter rubbish. So instead wait a day and check out one of Paper Towns, the first Adam Sandler film in a long time that looks like it could maybe possibly be half-decent in Pixels, or the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing drama Southpaw.

To finish the month the Griswolds hit the road again on the 29th in Vacation, which could be alright or an total bust, but there’s heaps to choose from this month so you can skip that and check out this Pakistani comedy Karachi se Lahore, which you’ve probably all heard of, or this other film that might make a couple of dollars at the cinema, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

Anything Else?

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, coming out of the Czech Republic, has been taking place since 1946, making it one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Coming about as a way to showcase the Czechoslovakian film industry, it’s endured the communist establishment of 1948, the Velvet Revolution of 1989, and nearly folding altogether in 1992.

From July 3 – 11, film makers will be vying for the ‘Crystal Globe’.

Despite becoming a major film festival in only the last few years the list of high profile guests who have been in attendance since 1990 is astounding. If you get a chance have a look and see what you can find; it’s always good trying something new and seeing what the rest of the world has to offer.


So as you can see the month of July has a hell of a lot going for it, and if I had my way I’d spend the next four weeks stuck in a cinema seat watching a hell of a lot of films. Instead I’ll submit myself to Terminator: Genisys and go from there. Until next time stay tuned and enjoy!