What Happened With The Movie Review Dude?

June started off very interesting. I received a request on my twitter account (that’s right, I’m on twitter!) asking me if I would like to review a $6k indie piece entitled Little Pieces. I’d never bothered with independent films before but somebody requesting that I review their work was a feather in my cap, plus I was happy to do it regardless. It comes out of the UK and was produced by Apple Park Films, so read my review here and then go check it out the film for yourself.

Other than that I dished up a bowl of the usual in my culinary delights. I saw a movie about a big, bad genetically created dinosaur, an introverted kid with an amazing imagination, and a real life walking, talking teddy bear; very intellectual stuff.

I did also roll out a set of Quick Flicks (right… about… … here) but one thing I managed to sneak in with seemingly nobody noticing was my long-unawaited second Musing! I bitch and moan about how I can critique cinema better than the Oscars in this one (which, more or less, sounds exactly like the first one…).

In the last month or two I’ve been busy with onlinelogomaker.com, creating some snazzy new header images for all my different blog pages. Though I’ve been procrastinating on them for a while (this is a recurring theme here at The Movie Review Dude), they are essentially done I just need to get off my butt and use them. Expect them to pop up over the next month or so (I might actually try it on this post).

I’ve also made the easy decision to merge my Coming Attractions and Month In Review blog posts into one, easy-to-access filler piece because it’s just more convenient that way. That way you get double the Dude in half the reading! I’m still working out how to format it and what to call it so it’s not a done deal just yet, but it’s coming, so be prepared for change. Serious change.

What Happened In The World Of Cinema

Entourage was released on the third and apparently it sucked. I was poised to see it but real life got in the way and after reading a few reviews I just couldn’t warrant spending the money. On the 5th we received a rarity in cinema: a horror sequel (Insidious: Chapter 3) that didn’t garner negative reviews. T’was a good day for positive reviews as both Love & Mercy, the Brian Wilson biopic, and Melissa McCarthy’s Spy reeling in the good reviews.

After a five day break Jurassic World was unleashed and it has been mauling the competition ever since, becoming the fastest film to pull in $1 billion. Not even Inside Out with $310 million thus far can stop this runaway dinosaur, while Ted 2 has fallen prey to the seventh highest grossing film of all time, barely making back it’s $68 million budget. Similarly, other films such as Dope and Max never really stood a chance.


Ok, so I’ve made to the decision to amalgamate my Coming Attractions and Month In Review posts into one purely for convenience, and this month’s Month In Review is a perfect example of why. Have no fear, I’ll sort these things out. Before then I’ve got some trailer reviews coming your way, and the long awaited return of a Cinema Rewind or Series Special is imminent. Fun times ahead, so stay tuned and enjoy!