This snowball is gaining speed. If you haven’t heard the news already: I have been nominated for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award by none other than the lovely and talented RobbinsRealm ( Head on over, click follow, like everything and support our little industry, because I demand it so.

If you wish to demonstrate loyalty to dragons you must:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 15 deserving bloggers for the award
  • Let those bloggers know you have nominated them for the award
  • Write seven things about yourself

And the nominees are (I’ve always wanted to say that):

  1. Real Red Reviews (
  2. Peggy At The Movies (
  3. Marshall And The Movies (
  4. The Case For Global Film (
  5. The Obsessive Viewer (
  6. Hammy Reviews (
  7. Reviewed By Mark Leonard (
  8. Ten Stars Or Less (
  9. Movie Man Jackson (
  10. Cinema Or Cine-Meh? (
  11. Ramblings Of A Cinephile (
  12. The Girl Who Loved To Review (
  13. Righteous Cinema (
  14. Movie Rob (
  15. Drews Movie Reviews (

I’ve run out of dumb stuff to say. Here’s seven things about myself:

  1. Call it paranoia but I have no intentions of revealing my true identity online. In fact I’m changing my name to Movie R. Dude, which will be interesting when I answer the phone at my job as a…
  2. … Pizza chef. Yeah, that’s just a fancy way of saying I’m in a dead-end job, but…
  3. … I’m studying a Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing with the aim of making a career. I’m currently working on poetry, a short story, a short film, a feature article, several journalism articles, an anthology book of military fiction as a member of an editing team, an assessor of short story submissions for a student anthology and this blog all at the same time. There’s also some work using Adobe InDesign to come. And all of this must be done by November 3rd! Fun times ahead and I will be very, very happy once it’s all over, which probably explains why…
  4. … I have what’s called bruxism. I’m so full of stress I have to wear a mouth guard to bed because I grind my teeth while I sleep. I’d have a second use for it if I were to take up playing…
  5. … Sport, which I’m huge on. I’m a fan of sports you’ve probably never seen before. I follow both the Melbourne Demons in the Australian Football League and the Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League. I can’t figure out a way to segue into the next Movie Dude Fun Fact (I’m so adding that to Twitter!) so I’ll just say that…
  6. … I’m a musician. I’ve been a guitarist for twelve years now, and all the phenomenal success I’ve had with it has led to me write film reviews. I’ve got three projects in the pipeline, including an album of acoustic covers, an album of straight-forward blues rock songs and a heavy metal concept I call Modern Day Extremist. I’m hoping to start production with my own makeshift home studio next year. On top of that…
  7. … I’m mad for Manga and Anime. Right now I’m reading Gangsta and not too long ago I finished watching The Twelve Kingdoms, which I’m thinking of developing into an abridged series just for fun. I’m new the scene but I’ve got a mountain of my girlfriend’s Anime just waiting to be watched.

Again, thank you RobbinsRealm ( for the nomination, and to the rest of you I say stay tuned and enjoy!